HSBC Revolution Credit Card Review (2023): An Excellent Choice for Low Spenders Who Want Flexible Rewards

Are you a low spender looking for a credit card with flexible rewards? Look no further than the HSBC Revolution Credit Card. This card offers up to 10,000 bonus points (or 4,000 miles) every month, and the best part is you have plenty of options to redeem these rewards – from air miles to cashback, vouchers, and lifestyle products from leading brands.

The HSBC Revolution Credit Card comes with the following features:

  1. Earn up to 10X Rewards Points (equivalent to 4 miles per S$1 spend) for online payments, including food deliveries, groceries, online shopping, and travel. You can also earn 10X Rewards Points for mobile contactless payments through Visa PayWave, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. For all other spending, you earn 1X Rewards Point (0.4 miles per dollar).
  2. There’s no annual credit card fee, ever, making it a cost-effective choice for those who want to maximize their rewards without paying an annual fee.
  3. The card offers a virtual card for payment using your mobile phone or compatible wearables, making it even more convenient to earn rewards.
  4. One of the standout features of this card is the ability to earn 10X Rewards Points for the first S$1,000 spend per month. For low spenders, this means you can earn 4,000 air miles each time you spend S$1,000, making it a great way to generate air miles without spending a fortune.
  5. The HSBC Revolution Credit Card has a broad range of qualifying transactions, including online and contactless payments, covering most financial transactions in daily life. Whether you’re shopping online, ordering food delivery, or paying with contactless methods, you can earn rewards easily and conveniently.
  6. You have multiple ways to use your rewards points, such as converting them into air miles, using them to offset your bills with 2.5% cashback, or redeeming them for lifestyle rewards, products, gadgets, and vouchers.
  7. Cardholders and their immediate family members enjoy complimentary travel insurance worth S$300,000 when charging the full cost of travel tickets to the credit card.
  8. HSBC offers ongoing promotions, such as the Everyday+ Rewards programme, which offers various prizes to be won, including buffets, vouchers, and hotel stays, among others.

While the HSBC Revolution Credit Card has many advantages, it’s essential to note that 10X Rewards Points do not apply to certain transactions like AXS and ATM transactions, top-ups to e-wallets, and payments to insurance and educational institutions, among others. Also, the 10X Rewards Points are awarded on the first S$1,000 spend per month only, with 1X Rewards Points awarded thereafter. Furthermore, the rewards points expire after 36 months, so make sure to redeem them before they expire.

In conclusion, the HSBC Revolution Credit Card is an excellent choice for low spenders who want a credit card with flexible rewards. With its 10X Rewards Points and various redemption options, it’s a fantastic way to earn air miles and enjoy other perks without paying an annual fee. Whether you want to travel or simply enjoy cashback or lifestyle rewards, this card has you covered.

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