DBS Woman’s Card & DBS Woman’s World Card Review (2023): Flexible Rewards and Financial Freedom

In the bustling world of modern living, retail therapy often provides a much-needed respite. However, it is crucial to strike a balance and avoid overspending. The DBS Woman’s Card and DBS Woman’s World Card present an appealing solution to this dilemma. With the potential to earn up to 5X and 10X DBS Points respectively per S$5 spend, as well as the option to convert significant purchases into interest-free 6-month payments, these cards transform shopping into a guilt-free experience.

Let’s explore the key advantages and disadvantages of these cards and see if they live up to the expectations.


DBS Woman’s Card & DBS Woman’s World Card

Both the DBS Woman’s Card and DBS Woman’s World Card offer distinct rewards and benefits tailored to online preferences and lifestyles. While the former focuses on providing rewards for online and local spends, the latter extends its advantages to include overseas transactions. The cards are equipped with complimentary e-Commerce protection and offer interest-free monthly installment payments for up to 24 months, making them an attractive option for managing large purchases without incurring high interest charges.

DBS Woman’s World Card

Advantages of the DBS Woman’s Card & DBS Woman’s World Card

  1. Earn Rewards Points on Online and Overseas Shopping: For avid online shoppers, the DBS Woman’s Card and Woman’s World Card provide generous rewards. With up to 5X and 10X DBS Points per S$5 spend, respectively, shopping online becomes even more rewarding.
  2. Exclusive Card Privileges in Shopping, Dining, and Travel: Cardholders are treated to a range of exclusive privileges in shopping, dining, and travel. From discounts at popular retailers like Zalora and Club21.com to reduced prices on hotel and flight bookings through Trip.com, these cards offer a host of enticing benefits to enrich the cardholder’s lifestyle.
  3. Easy Enough to Qualify: The DBS Woman’s Card has a reasonable annual income requirement of S$30,000 for Singaporeans/PRs, and the DBS Woman’s World Card requires S$80,000 for all applicants. This accessibility makes the cards suitable for entry-level to mid-tier credit card users.
DBS Woman's Card DBS Woman's World Card
DBS Woman’s Card

Disadvantages of the DBS Woman’s Card & DBS Woman’s World Card

  1. Limited Bonus Points for Online Spend: While the accelerated 5X and 10X DBS Points for online spend are enticing, they are capped at the first S$1,000 and S$2,000 spent per calendar month, respectively. Additionally, the bonus points are awarded in the next calendar month, which may not appeal to those looking to earn unlimited rewards.
  2. Modest Earnings on Other Transactions: For shoppers who prefer in-store purchases, the standard 1X DBS Point per S$5 spend may not be as attractive as the higher rewards for online and overseas transactions.
  3. Limitations on Interest-Free Installment Plan: Although the 0% interest repayment option is advantageous, it only applies to a maximum of 10 retail transactions, each with a minimum purchase of S$100. Furthermore, deferred payments do not qualify for rewards points.
  4. Expiry of DBS Points: Accumulated DBS Points expire within 12 months from the quarterly period in which they were earned, which may lead to some points going unused.


In conclusion, the DBS Woman’s Card and DBS Woman’s World Card offer a range of benefits that cater to online preferences and lifestyle choices. From earning attractive rewards on online and overseas spending to enjoying exclusive privileges in shopping, dining, and travel, these cards present compelling reasons to consider them. While some limitations exist, such as capped bonus points and points’ expiry, the overall advantages make the DBS Woman’s & Woman’s World Card an appealing choice for women seeking financial freedom and rewards in their credit card journey.

(Disclaimer: This review is based on the information available as of July 2023 and is subject to change with updates from the card issuer.)

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