MyRepublic Launches HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps Internet Plans for Homes and Gamers


  • Introduction
  • MyRepublic’s 10Gbps Home Broadband Plans
  • Technology and Network Integration
  • Benefits of HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps
  • Testimonial from Lawrence Chan, Managing Director of MyRepublic Singapore
  • Competition and Industry Pioneers
  • Pricing and Availability
  • Comprehensive Package Inclusions
  • Tailored Solutions for Different User Profiles
  • Future-Ready: MyRepublic’s Business and Enterprise Plans
  • Conclusion


In an exciting move aimed at enhancing in-home connectivity and catering to the needs of gamers, MyRepublic has introduced its cutting-edge 10Gbps home broadband trial offerings: HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps. These plans are designed to address the increasing demand for faster speeds, seamless multi-device usage, and lower latency for gamers. Let’s delve into the details of these remarkable offerings and how they are set to reshape the broadband market in Singapore.

MyRepublic’s 10Gbps Home Broadband Plans:

MyRepublic’s HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps plans are poised to revolutionize the home broadband landscape in Singapore. These offerings are meticulously crafted to provide users with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and reliability for their digital experiences. Whether you’re a household with multiple devices or a dedicated gamer seeking lightning-fast response times, MyRepublic has you covered.

Technology and Network Integration:

Both plans operate on StarHub’s advanced 10G-XGS-PON network, a testament to the collaboration between two industry giants. However, the management of these services remains firmly in the hands of MyRepublic, capitalizing on their expertise and innovation.

Benefits of HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps:

Users of these plans can revel in the luxury of lightning-speed uploads and downloads, complemented by minimal-lag streaming and gaming. The HyperSpeed 10Gbps plan is tailored for larger households with a plethora of devices and users. On the other hand, the GAMER 10Gbps plan boasts low latency, custom network routing, and live latency monitoring, making it a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts.

Competition and Industry Pioneers: MyRepublic’s entrance into the 10Gbps market propels them into the league of pioneers alongside Singtel and StarHub. This move not only signifies healthy competition but also solidifies the company’s position as a trailblazer in delivering high-speed internet solutions.

Pricing and Availability: Avail yourself of the HyperSpeed 10Gbps plan at S$59.99 per month and the GAMER 10Gbps plan at S$64.99 per month. Both plans come with a one-time top-up of S$150 for a 24-month contract. Additionally, users are treated to TP-Link’s Archer AXE300 router, equipped with Wi-Fi 6E and 10GbE networking technology.

Comprehensive Package Inclusions: With MyRepublic, it’s more than just fast internet. Their offerings encompass a plethora of benefits, including free termination point installation (valued up to $162), a complimentary home phone line with unlimited local calls, and a 1Gbps connection during the public trial period (ending on 31 December 2023).

Tailored Solutions for Different User Profiles: HyperSpeed 10Gbps caters to larger households, ensuring seamless multitasking across various devices. GAMER 10Gbps, on the other hand, offers an optimized environment for online gaming, with minimal lag and ultra-fast downloads.

Future-Ready: MyRepublic’s Business and Enterprise Plans: MyRepublic’s commitment extends beyond homes. Businesses and enterprises can also harness the power of 10Gbps with flexible contract options of 24 or 36 months, reaffirming MyRepublic’s role as an industry leader in providing future-ready solutions.

Conclusion: With HyperSpeed 10Gbps and GAMER 10Gbps, MyRepublic sets the stage for a new era of internet connectivity in Singapore. Their commitment to speed, reliability, and customer-centric solutions is evident, promising to reshape the way users experience the digital world. As the broadband market continues to evolve, MyRepublic’s offerings are undoubtedly at the forefront of innovation.

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