Guide to Securing Credit Card Annual Fee Waivers: Hassle-Free Strategies


Unlocking the secrets to obtaining credit card annual fee waivers can save you money while enhancing your credit card experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the strategies for securing these waivers effortlessly, tailored to various banks in Singapore. Discover the methods to ensure your fees are waived, exceptions, and what to do if your request is denied.

How to Obtain Credit Card Annual Fee Waivers

DBS/POSB Annual Fee Waiver Process:

DBS/POSB simplifies the process for customers seeking annual fee waivers. Utilize their automated systems for swift results:

  • Via DBS digibot:
    1. Type ‘Fee Waiver’ in the chat box.
    2. Authenticate your identity.
    3. Choose ‘Credit Cards Fee Waiver’.
    4. Select the card for the waiver.
    5. Confirm and await email/SMS status update.
  • Through phone banking:
    1. Dial 1800 111 1111 or +65 6327 2265 (overseas).
    2. Follow menu options.
    3. Await email/SMS status update.

Citibank Annual Fee Waiver Process:

Securing a Citibank annual fee waiver is straightforward:

  • Dial Citibank’s 24-hour hotline at (+65) 6225 5225.
  • Follow menu options.
  • Await SMS status update.

UOB Annual Fee Waiver Process:

UOB cardholders should communicate with a customer service officer:

  • Dial 1800 222 2121 or +65 6222 2121 (overseas).
  • Follow menu options.
  • Await email/SMS status update.

Standard Chartered Bank Annual Fee Waiver Process:

Utilize Standard Chartered’s automated system:

  • Log in via Online Banking or SC Mobile app.
  • Navigate to ‘Help & Services’.
  • Select ‘Credit Card Fee Waiver’.
  • Choose eligible cards.
  • Confirm terms and conditions.
  • Select annual fee transactions.
  • Wait for status update.

OCBC Annual Fee Waiver Process:

OCBC offers both app and online banking options:

  • Via OCBC mobile app:
    1. Tap ‘Card services’.
    2. Select ‘Request fee waiver’.
    3. Choose card and submit.
  • Through online banking:
    1. Log in to OCBC online banking.
    2. Click ‘Customer service’.
    3. Select ‘Credit card fee waiver’.
    4. Choose card and submit.

HSBC and Maybank Annual Fee Waiver Processes:

Contact HSBC and Maybank through phone banking:

  • For HSBC: Dial 1800 4722 669 or +65 64722 669 (overseas).
  • For Maybank: Dial 1800 629 2265 or +65 6533 5229 (overseas).
  • Follow menu options.
  • Await status update via SMS.

What to Do If Your Waiver Request Is Denied

If your request is denied, try these steps:

  1. Politely ask the customer service representative for an appeal.
  2. If unsuccessful, consider cancelling the card.
  3. Check for unredeemed rewards before cancelling.
  4. Adjust recurring payments to avoid disruptions.
  5. Evaluate benefits before deciding to cancel.

Credit Cards with Perpetual Annual Fee Waivers

Certain credit cards, like CIMB Credit Cards, Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card, HSBC Revolution Credit Card, and UOB EVOL Credit Card offer perpetual annual fee waivers.


Mastering the art of securing credit card annual fee waivers is essential for maximizing your credit card benefits. Implement these strategies to minimize costs while enjoying the perks of your chosen credit card.

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